Cancellation Policy

Your Subscription

We offer different subscription options that you can choose; including billing that can occur weekly, every (4) four weeks, or quarterly. Any type of subscription you choose will continue and automatically renew until you cancel the membership. By choosing a recurring Membership Service, you acknowledge that such paid services have a recurring payment and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation.

You can cancel the subscription to the service at any time for any reason. Your membership must be canceled before it renews in order to avoid the next billing cycle. For the further avoidance of any doubt, unless otherwise advised by BetterHelp, any sessions (video, phone or chat) accrued but unused within a billing cycle will not roll over or be eligible for use after that billing cycle concludes. For example, if you commence your membership on May 1, only use 3 out of 4 live video sessions for that monthly billing cycle, that additional live session credit does not rollover into June such that you will have 5 sessions available in June. All sessions expire within the applicable billing cycle.

We reserve the right to change our subscription or adjust prices of our services. Any changes to your membership services will only take effect following proper notice to you.

Free Trials: Occasionally, we offer free trials for our Therapist Services. Once a free trial expires, the paid membership will commence following a notice to you.
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